Lopez Piano Studio

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Welcome! I am very excited that you have chosen Lopez Piano Studio as a new starting point for your musical journey with the piano. I look forward to getting to know the musical you. In the meantime, here are a few things you should know about me.

My mission in teaching piano is to nurture my students so that they develop a strong work ethic and a life-long love for music. I view my role in the piano studio as a facilitator and a resource. I will guide my students to evaluate themselves and to choose their own repertoire and study materials. I believe this empowers them in their own learning and motivates them. Music is a joy and lessons should be fun.

 After reviewing the new student questionnaire, I plan their individualized curriculum according to the student’s needs and interests. For intermediate students I use collections by Kabalevsky, Bartok, Czerny, Burgmueller, and others. Each week I create a customized assignment that makes the whole practice routine engaging without overwhelming or boring. The students are required to keep a practice journal in this website and type in any questions that may come up during their practice time. I will then follow up with those questions during the lesson.

I believe that parents should be an integral part of the piano lesson experience. They should be supportive both of the student and the teacher. They are welcome to sit in during lessons as observers only, especially with the younger children. This way they can help the child practice at home and make sure time is set apart for piano practice.

I offer private piano lessons to students as young as preschoolers and as old as seniors. I prefer to introduce a student to formal music lessons at the age of about 5. I do this because it is my belief that at this young age they are like a piece of clay that I can mold. I can teach them a healthy technique and help them understand, in a very concrete way, the intricacies of rhythm, the whys of theory and the joy of musicality. Because I specialize in teaching pre-school and special needs students, I work with parents to formalize a plan that includes the specific needs of their child. I then look for or develop a curriculum that best meets those needs. I may do something as simple as change the lighting for an autistic child. Or it could be more movement during the lesson, such as marching around the studio to feel the beat for a young child.
I believe that playing a musical instrument can be beneficial to all students including those with special needs. Teaching must be matched to the student’s learning style. Therefore, my teaching style, curriculum and approach is flexible, varied and individual.

In order to provide well-rounded piano instruction with a strong musical foundation, I cover the following skills in varying degrees throughout the time they are studying with me.

Note reading and recognition
Proper Technique
Ear training
Music history

I prepare all my students for local, region and state recitals, achievement testing and competitions, whether or not they choose to participate. These opportunities offer some great life lessons and performance experiences.

I believe, as did Zoltan Kodaly, “Only the best is good enough for a child”.