Lopez Piano Studio


The Katy Music Teachers’ Association is delighted to offer performance experience for your student. Please read these guidelines carefully and understand that your cooperation is critical to the success of each event.

  •   Arrive 15 MINUTES before the recital is scheduled to begin. This will allow time to organize the seating of the performers. You must be in your seat before the performance begins.

  •   Please turn off beepers and cell phones for the duration of the recital.

  •   Leave snacks, chewing gum or beverages in the car. If cough drops are necessary, remove them before playing.

  •   Plan to stay for the entire event. We are learning how to perform AND how to be a good audience. It is rude to leave before the program is complete. If you know that you are unable to remain for the entire length of the program, it would be best for you to wait and perform at another time.

  •   Show respect for yourself, your teacher, your audience, or your adjudicator by wearing appropriate clothing:
    GIRLS should wear dresses or skirts that cover the knees when sitting at the piano, or “dressy” pants.
     BOYS should wear slacks and a button-type shirt. Ties, vests, or jackets are also appropriate.
    INAPPROPRIATE ATTIRE INCLUDES: shorts, jeans, athletic or tennis shoes, platform shoes, T-shirts, miniskirts, “sweats” or anything that exposes a bare midriff.

  •   Once the program begins, please refrain from talking, tapping your feet, walking around the room, rattling programs, or making other distracting noises.

  •   Please share this recital etiquette with any invited guests.

  •   Performers should ALWAYS acknowledge applause with a gracious bow.